Godzilla vs Megalon SS

Godzilla x Jet Jaguar x Megalon

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Mecha Godzilla The Ride: Battle for Tokyo

This is an idea I had for a theme park simulator ride. You basically sit in the cockpit of the head of Mecha Godzilla and you battle out various monsters leading up to Godzilla himself. The Ride is a hybrid of  Star Tours and the Back to the Future Ride.

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Russian Copter - Heli Mode

Soviet Submersible Helicopter

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Anteater Solider

Anteater Solider WIP

Before going to Art Center, I went to UC Irvine. Our mascot was an anteater. This is my tribute to my old school.

Demon Render

ZBrush Savannah Demon WIP

I haven’t touched Z Brush in over a year. Time to re-learn it!

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Warrior Woman5

Warrior With a Hammer

This is my description.

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Super Mario Wedding Invitations

Hooters Racer

Sponsored Racer

This is my description